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TV4 Nyheterna Värmland: “Lost 40 kg by eating fat” May 3, 2010 My comments This is a clip from the local news in Värmland featuring Monique Forslund who runs the blog Life Zone. Monique is one of Sweden’s foremost LCHF advisors, and she also writes in English on her blog. And now over to the show! […]

SVT1 Fråga doktorn May 16, 2011 My comments This is a transcript of the 7 minutes long interview with dr Andreas Eenfeldt (aka the Diet Doctor) in the Swedish TV program “Fråga doktorn” (“Ask the doctor”). It was staged in a supermarket where Andreas went food shopping with a journalist. He got a good opportunity […]

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon May 31, 2011 My comments This is a transcript of a almost 9 minutes long debate from the Swedish TV program “Nyhetsmorgon” (“news morning”). I’ve done my best to get everything right, but if any of my fellow countrymen find any misstakes, please tell me so. This was broadcasted in the morning between the […]