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Dagens Medicin: “Yoghurt is good for the heart” June 15, 2011 Eating a lot of yogurt and sour milk may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. That’s the conclusion drawn by Swedish researchers in a new study. It is Emily Sonestedt, researcher in nutrition epidemiology at the University of Lund, and employees, who now has looked […]

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet writes: “Debate on blood lipids reignited” May 9, 2011 Läkemedelsverket (the Swedish Medical Products Agency) review advice on cholesterol-loweing medications. The are now going to re-exam the current recommendations for treatment of healty people with high cholesterol. Meanwhile, an acclaimed campaign for statins is being critizised for being excessive and confusing. It’s […]

The newspaper Expressen writes: “Changed her diet – the migraine disappeared” May 10, 2011 Catharina Pousette, 37, suffered from migraines, aches and fatigue. But she didn’t connect that to the fruits and sandwiches she ate! With a Atkins-like diet she now feels much better. As a child Catharina Pousette enjoyed sweets, but she can’t say […]

The newspaper Metro writes: “Eat the right diet – get rid of the insulin” (May 18, 2011) It is possible to eat so that your Diabetes type 2-symptoms disappear. But you’ll need the willpower to change your lifestyle. Andreas Eenfeldt, known as the Diet Doctor, recommends his diabetic patients to eat according to the LCHF […]

The newspaper Göteborgs Posten writes: “Overweight lives in the brain” (June 3, 2011) Why can’t we keep away from buying candy – although we know that sugar is empty calories? Martin Ingvar has his answer. He is a neuroscientist and professor at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. Together with the journalist Gunilla […]